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Web SEO Analytics maintains a large Index of more than 10 million corporate websites that are updated on a daily basis. Each website is evaluated based on numerous factors and it is categorized based on its content. Moreover several insightful statistics and metrics are calculated for each domain such as the Authority, the Trust, the Social Media Popularity, the targeted Keywords, the Domain Strength, the Website Size, the Website Traffic estimations, all the publicly available contact details and several other important ranks and web statistics.

Our company offers upon request Website lists, Web Analytics Reports & Sales Leads to Marketing Agencies, PR companies & Advertising firms want to use our valuable data for their Marketing efforts. If you are interested in purchasing such reports contact us at info [AT] webseoanalytics [DOT] com or use the form below.

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How it works?

Web SEO Analytics uses its powerful SEO Engine to analyze the most popular domains of the web, evaluate each website based numerous factors & signals and categorize them based on their content & characteristics. The SEO Engine uses data mining and statistical analysis techniques to extract the key terms, determine the main theme and evaluate the Relevancy, the Popularity, the Authority and the Trust of each website.

The database of Web SEO Analytics organizes the websites based on their content, their targeted keywords and their Domain Strength, making it possible to detect the most influential & popular companies of each industry/sector. The Web Statistics that are calculated and stored in the database allow Online Marketers to evaluate each website and detect possible new Clients, Collaborators and Competitors. This unique feature makes the Web Reports a powerful tool that can improve the marketing efforts and provide sales leads to Companies and Online Marketers.

Report Format, List Types & Supported Features

The Website Lists and Web Analytics Reports are provided in CSV and Excel Spreadsheet formats, allowing the Online Marketing Professionals to work easily on the data. Moreover Web SEO Analytics provides upon request the reports in XML format, allowing Software Engineers to extract the data faster and more effectively.

Currently our company provides 2 types of lists. We analyze a given list of domains and provide all of their information or we can provide a list of domains along with their statistics for a given list of keywords and characteristics (such as Country, Authority, Traffic, Popularity etc).

The output of the web reports is a list of domain entries that contain all the important web metrics and data that are useful for Evaluation and Marketing Research purposes. The statistics that are provided in the reports are grouped in 6 categories:

  1. Main Concepts & Keywords: The report contains all the important keywords that are related to each website, useful information such as Title and Description and all the Website Categories and Domain Flags that have been detected. To estimate this information Web SEO Analytics uses both data from external websites & social networks and textual analysis methods to analyze the content of the website.
  2. Authority & Domain Strength: Web SEO Analytics evaluates the websites based on the same signals that most Search Engines use and it estimates the Authority, the Trust and the Strength of each Website. All of these important metrics are provided in the report and can be used in order to detect the influential and trusted companies of a particular industry.
  3. Website Info: The report contains all the important information for a given website such as the Website Size, the Average Speed, the Domain Age, the Indexing information for the most important Search Engines & Directories and several other useful metrics that describe the magnitude of the website.
  4. Social Media Reputation: The reputation of a company in Social Media is an indicator of how influential and important it is. That is why the report provides all the important Social Media Metrics and Statistics that are linked to each website and they can be used to evaluate the current Social Media Strategy of the company.
  5. Traffic Estimates: The amount of traffic that a particular website receives indicates the importance of the company. Web SEO Analytics provides all the available Traffic Metrics and Traffic estimations to help Online Marketers detect the most popular websites.
  6. Publicly Available Company Details: If this information is publicly available the Web Report will contain the Country, the Address, the Telephone, the Owner Name and the Contact Email of each company.

All the Website Lists & Web Analytics Reports are offered under the Terms of Use of Web SEO Analytics.

Web Reports that match exactly the needs of your Company

Web SEO Analytics can provide Web Reports that match exactly the needs of your Company. Contact us at info [AT] webseoanalytics [DOT] com or use the form below to discuss your needs and help you design a report that will improve your Marketing efforts and bring new important clients to your business:

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